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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Indonesian King of Dangdut - Rhoma Irama

Raden Oma or normal rhythm called Rhoma Irama (born in Tralee, December 11, 1946) is a musician of the Dangdut called as Raja Dangdut (King of Dangdut). Overview In the seventies, Rhoma has become famous singers and musicians after a fall in the wake up music band, from the band Gayhand 1963. Not long later, he moved incoming Light Chandra negligent, to eventually form their own band called "Soneta" that since 13 October 1973 start waver. Together with a group SONETA, Rhoma have been recorded 11 tapes of the Golden Record. Based on sales data tapes, and the number of spectators films that he as star, fans Rhoma not less than 15 million, or 10% of the population of Indonesia. This record until mid-1984. There are no current type of art that has such broad scope, write the magazine TEMPO, June 30, 1984. Meanwhile, the Rhoma own, I fear the publication. Fact, I already trail far. Rhoma Irama counted as one of the most successful entertainer in the mass gathering. Rhoma Irama not only appear in the country, but he also never appear in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Brunei and the number of spectators with almost the same when he appears in Indonesia. Often in concert Rhoma Irama, spectators swoon as a result of thrust. People call the music is the music Rhoma Dangdut, while it would prefer if the music is called as a Malay rhythm. On 13 October 1973, Rhoma a slogan Voice of Moslem (Muslim Voice), which aims to become agents reformer music, which incorporate elements of rock music in the Malay music and the improvisation of the aransemen, lyric, lyrics, costumes, and the appearance on the stage. According to Achmad Albar, singer of rock Indonesia, Rhoma pioneer. Smart mate with the orchestra through the rock. But if we observed was not only a combination of rock by Rhoma Irama, but pop music, India, and the orchestra also. This is the cause of each song Rhoma memiiki taste different. Dangdut for the singer Rhoma songs represent all religious atmosphere there is nuance, love teenagers, love to parents, to the nation, social criticism, and others. Dangdut impossible to hold the stage without songs show Rhoma Bang, because all the songs Rhoma, the response of some singers Dangdut in the event of a TV. Rhoma also successful in the world of film, at least commercially. PT Perfin state data, almost all movies always Rhoma behavior. Even before a film is processed, people have purchased. Bergitar Satria, for example. Films made with the cost of Rp 750 million is not yet finished when the broker is getting Rp 400 million. But, Rhoma did not eat money from the film. He was money from tapes live, said Benny Muharram, Rhoma sisters, so the producer PT Rhoma film. Results movies donated to, among others, mosques, orphans, youth activities, and improvements to the village. He was also involved in the political world. In the early New Order, he had become an important Mascot, PPP, after continued advantage by the Government because the new Order refused to join with Golkar. Rhoma because it does not engage in active for some time, before eventually selected as a member of the House of Representatives representing the envoy representing the group, namely artists and artists in 1993. In the 2004 election Rhoma Irama also appear on stage MCC campaign. Rhoma Irama was studying at the University of Jakarta on Aug. 17, but did not finish. In fact, outside of learning more challenging and fun, said a moment. He said that he own a lot of research references are more than 7 essay about music have been produced. In addition, foreign researchers are also frequently as research objects such as William H. Frederick, sociology doctorate Ohio University, U.S., which examines the strength of the popularity and influence of Rhoma Irama in the community. In February 2005, he obtained doctorate honoris causa from the American University of Hawaii in the field of Dangdut, but the degree is in question because of the many universities have not known this student is in the United States alone, and only to the degree of non-citizens in the U.S. overseas. In addition, the university is not diakreditasikan by the Hawaii state government. As a musician, songwriter, and the big screen stars, Rhoma during his career, as disclosed, has created 685 pieces and play the songs in about 20 movies.

Songs List :
  1. Syahdu (feat Rita Sugiarto) Download
  2. Mandul (feat Elvi Sukesih) Download
  3. Tak Dapat Tidur (feat Rita Sugiarto) Download
  4. Ke Monas (feat Elvi Sukesih) Download
  5. Malam Terakhir (feat Rita Sugiarto) Download
  6. Darah Muda Download
  7. Pantun Cinta (feat Rita Sugiarto) Download
  8. Begadang Download
  9. Piano (feat Rita Sugiarto) Download
  10. Cukup Sekali Download
  11. Berbulan Madu (feat Elvi Sukesih) Download
  12. Qur'an dan Koran Download
  13. Any Download
  14. Dawai Asmara (feat Noor Halimah) Download
  15. Dasi dan Gincu (feat Rita Sugiarto) Download
  16. Penasaran Download
  17. Purnama Download
  18. Siapa Yang Punya (feat Rita Sugiarto) Download
  19. Melody Cinta (feat Rita Sugiarto) Download
  20. Cuma Kamu (feat Noor Halimah) Download
  21. Bahtera Cinta (feat Noor Halimah) Download
  22. Sawan Kam Hina Download
  23. Haram (feat Rita Sugiarto) Download
  24. Rujuk (feat Elvi Sukesih) Download
  25. Cane Download
  26. Terajana Download
  27. Sifana Download
  28. Buta Tuli Download
  29. Gelandangan Download
  30. tobe continued :)

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