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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Songs Memory of Titik Sandora

Titiek Sandora is a singer and senior acting star, birth Bentar, Bumiayu, Central Java, 20 January 1954. Delivering birth by the name of Oemijati, start popular with song and her film about in the year 1960-an

Her First song have been recording entitle Si Boncel, whereas her first film is BUNDAKU SAYANG (1973)

Her appearance with Muchsin Alatas of through song of "Halo Sayang", "Dunia Belum Kiamat", "Pertemuan Adam dan Hawa" and also "Jangan Marah", becoming her career top about 1970's. Nowadays She is bestowed by three child and three grandchild this place herself as legend of national music by her masterpieces
Couple Titik-Muchsin which also become 'love symbol' adolescent clan of that moment, continueing to real world. Then marry at 1972 and remain to be popular up to now even progressively be occupied as housewife. (

Songs List :
  1. Gunung Fujiyama Download
  2. Ke Bina Ria Download
  3. Hatimu Hatiku Download
  4. Mencari Download
  5. Merantau Download
  6. Micoma Download
  7. Percaya Harapan dan Cinta Download
  8. Putri Gunung Download
  9. Biarkan Ku Menangis Download
  10. Burung Murai Download
  11. Putus Cinta Download
  12. Cincin Pengikat Download
  13. Dunia Belum Kiamat Download
  14. Hati Wanita Download
  15. Ingin Pergi Bersama Download
  16. Keagungan Tuhan Download
  17. Kisah Sedih di Hari Minggu Download
  18. Mengapa Kau Menangis Download
  19. Pertemuan Sekejap Download
  20. Pegang-Pegang Tali Download
  21. Putus Cinta Di Batas Kota Download
  22. Rudi Kekasihmu Download
  23. Saling Percaya Download
  24. Si Boncel Download
  25. Si Cantik Jelita Download
  26. Tante Cerewet Download
  27. Teringat Selalu Download
  28. Si Jago Mogok Download

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