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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dangdut Parody Music - PSP

PSP stands for Pancaran Sinar Petromax, a comedy dangdut music group who were really famous back in the end of 70’s and 80’s. Unlike other dangdut singer or band, PSP were actually coming from university student environment. Most of them were the student of University of Indonesia in Jakarta, the best university in Indonesia.

Monos, Dindin, James, Rojali, and friends, used the formula that’s not really common back then. They changed the atmosphere of dangdut music which is usually full of tears and cheesy love songs to be more comedy. Sometimes they include some social critics in their lyrics as well. They were getting famous because their songs were mostly easy listening, funny, and at the same time could portray the real life of low class society.

To bring the memory back, you can find the links of some PSP songs here. Enjoy !

Songs List :

  1. Gaya Mahasiswa Download
  2. Fatimeh Download
  3. For Euis Download
  4. Kidung Download
  5. Bapak Dapat Lotere Download
  6. Balada John Lenon Download
  7. Cubit-Cubitan Download
  8. My Bonie Download
  9. Ogah Ah Download
  10. Dendang PSP Download
  11. Murid Bajingan Download
  12. Pengalaman Pertama Download
  13. Bye Bye Bye Love Download
  14. Istilah Salome Download
  15. Hey Jude Medley Download
  16. Penglaris Download
  17. Can't Buy Love Me Download
  18. Nostalgia Duta Merlin Download
  19. Kau Bosan Download
  20. Trio Kodok Download
  21. Dukun dan Dokter Download
  22. Midley Hindun Download
  23. Drakula Download

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