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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Indonesian Legend - GOMBLOH

Who isn't know Gombloh in Indonesian country? Yes, Gombloh is singer Kebyar-Kebyar popular song that singing when independent day celebrate of Indoensian, This Song always sing when special moment like "reformasi era" in 1998 and now in independent day celebrate.
Gombloh born in Jombang, East Java, 14 July 1948 – pass awaying in Surabaya, East Java, 9 January 1988 at age 39 year is a Indonesia singer. He borne by the name of genuiness of Soedjarwoto Soemarsono in Jombang , as son of fourth from six have you in family of Slamet And Tatoekah. Slamet is a small trader which live by to sell chicken meat in traditional market at their town. As simple family, Slamet very expect his childs earn to go to school as high as possible till own better life.
Gombloh have been educated in SMAN 5 Surabaya and have time to learn in majors of Arsitektur Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November, ( ITS) Surabaya, but do not finish. Though Gombloh pertained bright, he have never intended kuliah in ITS. Because of that's he often deceive his father by go toing school, but about 10 (10 AM) morning he return to house and sleep. His deportment is finally be known by his father after Slamet get letter from ITS Giving rap over the knuckles since Gombloh of too much deserting.
Gombloh is composer of real ballad. Work of equal nya with Leo Kristi And Franky Sahilatua in group " Lemon Trees" buat of close to style of orchestral rock
Everyday Kehidupan of people minimize a lot of depicted in his songs, such as Doa Seorang Pelacur, Kilang-Kilang, Poligami Poligami, Nyanyi Anak Seorang Pencuri, Selamat Pagi Kotaku. As ballad singer of during, such as Iwan Fals And Ebiet G. Ade, Gombloh also be moved to write song of about (damage) experienced. Songs love his/its tend to " nyeleneh", same as masterpiece of Iwan Fals Or Doel Sumbang, for example Lepen ("got" in Javanese), but here is abbreviation from " short humour
But his individuality is from his creation songs is which have the nationalist theme, such as Dewa Ruci, Gugur Bunga, Gaung Mojokerto-Surabaya, Our Indonesia, Indonesiaku, Indonesiamu, Pesan Buat Negeriku, and BK, song saying about Bung Karno, the proklamator. Kebyar Kebyar Song a lot of warbled in a period of/to struggle claim Reformasi
He have also merilis of album of have Javanese with progressive interpretasinya entitle " Mayang". Hitherto, this rintisannya have never been followed by other musicians. Hong Wilaheng, one of song of have Javanese from album " Weather News", getting strong influence from style sing Leo Kristi and peep at his taken away from by Serat Wedhatama
songs of Masterpiece Gombloh have time to be lifted in research of Martin Hatch of a researcher from Universitas Cornell and writed by as erudite masterpiece entitling " Social Criticsm in The Songs Of 1980’s Indonesian Pop Country Singers", in seminar of music of The Society Of Ethnomusicology in Toronto, Canada of at 2000. (from wikipedia)

Gombloh (In Memoriem) Songs :
  1. Lepen (Lelucon Pendek) , Link Download : Server 1
  2. Kebyar-Kebyar, Link Download : Server 1
  3. Berita Cuaca , Link Download : Server 1
  4. Doa Seorang Pelacur , Link Download : Server 1
  5. Koplikasi , Link Download : Server 1
  6. Pesan Buat Negeriku , Link Download : Server 1
  7. Nyanyian Seorang Anak Pencuri , Link Download : Server 1>
  8. Sketsa Penari , Link Download : Server 1
  9. Selopen , Link Download : Server 1
  10. Bulan Merah , Link Download : Server 1
  11. Hong Wilaheng Download
  12. Kugadaikan Cintaku Download
  13. Apel Download
  14. Karena Iseng Download
  15. Diangan-angan Download
  16. Kami Anak Negeri Ini Download
  17. Gila Download
  18. Selamat Pagi Kotaku Download
  19. Setengah Gila Download
  20. Cinta dan Roket Download
  21. Semakin Gila Download

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