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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Indonesian Parody Musik - Padhyangan

PADHYANGAN PROJECT is a group of student two big campus in Bandung ( Universitas Padjadjaran And Parahyangan). They have eksis in Bandung, specification of them is songs parody or show at podium by cabaret parody. Have time to fill event remain to at Radio OZ Bandung, until then they get opportunity for realized this album. Padhyangan Project have a lot of personel, but for this album project, filling [is] personel ' board for' alias those who have been recognized wide that is IYANG DHARMAWAN, DENNY CHANDRA, DENDEN HERMAN, ISZUR MUCHTAR, DAAN ARYA, WAWAN HANURA And JOEHANA. As According To ' membership' they have parody, hence this album also contain famous songs which is parodied. And it's result really the outstanding success. Song of NASIB ANAK KOST which the parody version from song of THAT'S THE WAY LOVE GOES have JANET JACKSON become big hits. And itis true, since all song have familiar, added by a lyric barrel of fun, making this album also sweet in demand marketing. Then, member of This Padhyangan project secede from Padhyangan Project and form P PROJECT, whereas lini second Padhyangan Project form PROJECT POP, whereas personel other then form PADHYANGAN 6 which also realise similar album.

Songs List :
  1. Nasib Anak Kost Download
  2. Goodbye Ayu Download
  3. Waktu Istirahat Download
  4. Kalau Sempet Download
  5. Cantik Tapi Bau Download
  6. Kambing Liar Download
  7. 'Tuk Ibu Download
  8. Disikut Download
  9. Bapakmu Download
  10. Jeep Pak Camat Download

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