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Friday, March 27, 2009

Indonesian Golden Memories - Lilis Surjani

Legendary singer Lilis Surjani, a true national treasure of Indonesia, passed away on October 7, 2007. She died after a long battle with cancer but even from her hospital bed, managed to sing a couple of songs shortly before she passed away (the youtube video of this made me cry- which i accidentally watched when searching for clips of her singing)

In my own opinion, Lilis Surjani had one of those rare voices that could simultaneously make you laugh and bring tears to your eyes when you hear it... laughter for knowing how beautiful life can be, and tears because the beautiful things in life are so fleeting .. her voice will live on..

here's some history in english about Lilis Surjani (sometimes spelled Suryani):
"The famous singer Lilis Suryani who died recently on 7 october 2007, was from a simple family and lived in the Gang Kelinci neigbourhood in Jakarta [which] is near the Pasar Baru Area in Central Jakarta. Behind the big stores of this well known shopping district is a totally different microcosm with narrow alleys and even narrower side-alleys, teeming with life, this is Gang Kelinci or ("Rabbit Alley") I do not know if it still exists today, Jakarta is changing rapidly.
At the age of a schoolgirl, Lilis Suryani already wanted to be a radio-star. Since she wanted help reaching her goal, she just went to the house of Titiek Puspa for advice. Titiek Puspa was a very well known singer already with quite a career, an important fact, she was also a composer, of her own songs and also songs for other artists. Titiek Puspa did not send her away, she even wanted to help the young girl. So she introduced Lilis into the world of music. One day Titiek Puspa accompanied Lilis back home to Gang Kelinci. Seeing the neigbourhood, packed with people everywhere she became inspired to write the song " Gang Kelinci " for Lilis Suryani. This song became one of her best-known ones. So this song is from her real life.
Another song from her is "Bintang Leo" ( The Constellation or, sign of Leo ) which is really her sign as she was born on august 22, 1948"

Golden Memories - Lilis Surjani :
  1. Air Mata Download
  2. Asmara Download
  3. Curahan Hati Download
  4. Gang Kelinci Download
  5. Hari Ulang Tahun Download
  6. Kisah Cinta Download
  7. Lenggang Kangkung Download
  8. Seringgit Dua Kupang Download
  9. Suling Bambu Download
  10. Tamasya Ke Tawangmangu Download
  11. Baju Loreng Download
  12. Berpisah di St. Carolus Download
  13. Bemo Download
  14. Bimbang Download
  15. Cai Kopi Download
  16. Doa Untukmu Download
  17. Hantu Download
  18. Kasih Dan Cinta Download
  19. Kau Tetap Kumiliki Download
  20. Ku Telah Berdua Download
  21. Keliling Dunia Download
  22. Aldila Ciptaan Dunia Download
  23. Babe Genit Download
  24. Cinta Setia Download
  25. Ci Putri Download
  26. Dikibulin Download
  27. Mawar Melati Download
  28. Minggu Lalu Download
  29. Pulau Kayangan Download
  30. Raja Muda Download
  31. Rumahku Download
  32. Sesal Diri Download
  33. Suratmu Kubalas Download
  34. Syair Lagumu Download
  35. Tepuk Tangan Download
  36. Telepon Download
  37. Tirtonadi Download
  38. Untuk PYM Presiden Sukarno Download
  39. Untukmu Download

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