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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Indonesian Kid's Songs Memory

Do you remeber Joan Tanamal singer of " Si Kodok", Adi Bing Slamet, Cicha Koeswoyo, Bobby Sandora etc? They are kid's Singer in 70's until 80's, I do not review their profile, but I want to bring you return to our childhood's season. Enjoy it !!

Songs List :
  1. Si Kodok (Joan Tanamal) Download
  2. Mak Inem Tukang Latah (Adi Bing Slamet) Download
  3. Perkenalan (Bobby Sandhora) Download
  4. Kisah Cinderella (Ira Maya Sopha) Download
  5. Mau Kemana (Adi & Chicha) Download
  6. Bangun Pagi (Dina Mariana) Download
  7. Helli (Chicha Koeswoyo) Download
  8. Hujan Lagi (Bobby Sandhora) Download
  9. Kisah Pinokio (Liza Tanzil) Download
  10. Papa, Mama Sayang Bobby (Bobby Sandhora) Download
  11. Si Kancil (Adi & Chicha) Download
  12. Mari Kawan (Joan Tanamal) Download
  13. Tokek (Bobby Sandhora) Download
  14. Pengumuman Penting (Ira Maya Sopha) Download
  15. Adikku (Adi Bing Slamet) Download
  16. Adik Ngompol (Bobby Sandhora) Download
  17. Boneka Stromboli (Liza Tanzil) Download
  18. Papa (Adi Bing Slamet) Download

Songs Memory of Titik Sandora

Titiek Sandora is a singer and senior acting star, birth Bentar, Bumiayu, Central Java, 20 January 1954. Delivering birth by the name of Oemijati, start popular with song and her film about in the year 1960-an

Her First song have been recording entitle Si Boncel, whereas her first film is BUNDAKU SAYANG (1973)

Her appearance with Muchsin Alatas of through song of "Halo Sayang", "Dunia Belum Kiamat", "Pertemuan Adam dan Hawa" and also "Jangan Marah", becoming her career top about 1970's. Nowadays She is bestowed by three child and three grandchild this place herself as legend of national music by her masterpieces
Couple Titik-Muchsin which also become 'love symbol' adolescent clan of that moment, continueing to real world. Then marry at 1972 and remain to be popular up to now even progressively be occupied as housewife. (

Songs List :
  1. Gunung Fujiyama Download
  2. Ke Bina Ria Download
  3. Hatimu Hatiku Download
  4. Mencari Download
  5. Merantau Download
  6. Micoma Download
  7. Percaya Harapan dan Cinta Download
  8. Putri Gunung Download
  9. Biarkan Ku Menangis Download
  10. Burung Murai Download
  11. Putus Cinta Download
  12. Cincin Pengikat Download
  13. Dunia Belum Kiamat Download
  14. Hati Wanita Download
  15. Ingin Pergi Bersama Download
  16. Keagungan Tuhan Download
  17. Kisah Sedih di Hari Minggu Download
  18. Mengapa Kau Menangis Download
  19. Pertemuan Sekejap Download
  20. Pegang-Pegang Tali Download
  21. Putus Cinta Di Batas Kota Download
  22. Rudi Kekasihmu Download
  23. Saling Percaya Download
  24. Si Boncel Download
  25. Si Cantik Jelita Download
  26. Tante Cerewet Download
  27. Teringat Selalu Download
  28. Si Jago Mogok Download

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Indonesian Legend - GOMBLOH

Who isn't know Gombloh in Indonesian country? Yes, Gombloh is singer Kebyar-Kebyar popular song that singing when independent day celebrate of Indoensian, This Song always sing when special moment like "reformasi era" in 1998 and now in independent day celebrate.
Gombloh born in Jombang, East Java, 14 July 1948 – pass awaying in Surabaya, East Java, 9 January 1988 at age 39 year is a Indonesia singer. He borne by the name of genuiness of Soedjarwoto Soemarsono in Jombang , as son of fourth from six have you in family of Slamet And Tatoekah. Slamet is a small trader which live by to sell chicken meat in traditional market at their town. As simple family, Slamet very expect his childs earn to go to school as high as possible till own better life.
Gombloh have been educated in SMAN 5 Surabaya and have time to learn in majors of Arsitektur Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November, ( ITS) Surabaya, but do not finish. Though Gombloh pertained bright, he have never intended kuliah in ITS. Because of that's he often deceive his father by go toing school, but about 10 (10 AM) morning he return to house and sleep. His deportment is finally be known by his father after Slamet get letter from ITS Giving rap over the knuckles since Gombloh of too much deserting.
Gombloh is composer of real ballad. Work of equal nya with Leo Kristi And Franky Sahilatua in group " Lemon Trees" buat of close to style of orchestral rock
Everyday Kehidupan of people minimize a lot of depicted in his songs, such as Doa Seorang Pelacur, Kilang-Kilang, Poligami Poligami, Nyanyi Anak Seorang Pencuri, Selamat Pagi Kotaku. As ballad singer of during, such as Iwan Fals And Ebiet G. Ade, Gombloh also be moved to write song of about (damage) experienced. Songs love his/its tend to " nyeleneh", same as masterpiece of Iwan Fals Or Doel Sumbang, for example Lepen ("got" in Javanese), but here is abbreviation from " short humour
But his individuality is from his creation songs is which have the nationalist theme, such as Dewa Ruci, Gugur Bunga, Gaung Mojokerto-Surabaya, Our Indonesia, Indonesiaku, Indonesiamu, Pesan Buat Negeriku, and BK, song saying about Bung Karno, the proklamator. Kebyar Kebyar Song a lot of warbled in a period of/to struggle claim Reformasi
He have also merilis of album of have Javanese with progressive interpretasinya entitle " Mayang". Hitherto, this rintisannya have never been followed by other musicians. Hong Wilaheng, one of song of have Javanese from album " Weather News", getting strong influence from style sing Leo Kristi and peep at his taken away from by Serat Wedhatama
songs of Masterpiece Gombloh have time to be lifted in research of Martin Hatch of a researcher from Universitas Cornell and writed by as erudite masterpiece entitling " Social Criticsm in The Songs Of 1980’s Indonesian Pop Country Singers", in seminar of music of The Society Of Ethnomusicology in Toronto, Canada of at 2000. (from wikipedia)

Gombloh (In Memoriem) Songs :
  1. Lepen (Lelucon Pendek) , Link Download : Server 1
  2. Kebyar-Kebyar, Link Download : Server 1
  3. Berita Cuaca , Link Download : Server 1
  4. Doa Seorang Pelacur , Link Download : Server 1
  5. Koplikasi , Link Download : Server 1
  6. Pesan Buat Negeriku , Link Download : Server 1
  7. Nyanyian Seorang Anak Pencuri , Link Download : Server 1>
  8. Sketsa Penari , Link Download : Server 1
  9. Selopen , Link Download : Server 1
  10. Bulan Merah , Link Download : Server 1
  11. Hong Wilaheng Download
  12. Kugadaikan Cintaku Download
  13. Apel Download
  14. Karena Iseng Download
  15. Diangan-angan Download
  16. Kami Anak Negeri Ini Download
  17. Gila Download
  18. Selamat Pagi Kotaku Download
  19. Setengah Gila Download
  20. Cinta dan Roket Download
  21. Semakin Gila Download

Friday, March 27, 2009

Indonesian Golden Memories - Lilis Surjani

Legendary singer Lilis Surjani, a true national treasure of Indonesia, passed away on October 7, 2007. She died after a long battle with cancer but even from her hospital bed, managed to sing a couple of songs shortly before she passed away (the youtube video of this made me cry- which i accidentally watched when searching for clips of her singing)

In my own opinion, Lilis Surjani had one of those rare voices that could simultaneously make you laugh and bring tears to your eyes when you hear it... laughter for knowing how beautiful life can be, and tears because the beautiful things in life are so fleeting .. her voice will live on..

here's some history in english about Lilis Surjani (sometimes spelled Suryani):
"The famous singer Lilis Suryani who died recently on 7 october 2007, was from a simple family and lived in the Gang Kelinci neigbourhood in Jakarta [which] is near the Pasar Baru Area in Central Jakarta. Behind the big stores of this well known shopping district is a totally different microcosm with narrow alleys and even narrower side-alleys, teeming with life, this is Gang Kelinci or ("Rabbit Alley") I do not know if it still exists today, Jakarta is changing rapidly.
At the age of a schoolgirl, Lilis Suryani already wanted to be a radio-star. Since she wanted help reaching her goal, she just went to the house of Titiek Puspa for advice. Titiek Puspa was a very well known singer already with quite a career, an important fact, she was also a composer, of her own songs and also songs for other artists. Titiek Puspa did not send her away, she even wanted to help the young girl. So she introduced Lilis into the world of music. One day Titiek Puspa accompanied Lilis back home to Gang Kelinci. Seeing the neigbourhood, packed with people everywhere she became inspired to write the song " Gang Kelinci " for Lilis Suryani. This song became one of her best-known ones. So this song is from her real life.
Another song from her is "Bintang Leo" ( The Constellation or, sign of Leo ) which is really her sign as she was born on august 22, 1948"

Golden Memories - Lilis Surjani :
  1. Air Mata Download
  2. Asmara Download
  3. Curahan Hati Download
  4. Gang Kelinci Download
  5. Hari Ulang Tahun Download
  6. Kisah Cinta Download
  7. Lenggang Kangkung Download
  8. Seringgit Dua Kupang Download
  9. Suling Bambu Download
  10. Tamasya Ke Tawangmangu Download
  11. Baju Loreng Download
  12. Berpisah di St. Carolus Download
  13. Bemo Download
  14. Bimbang Download
  15. Cai Kopi Download
  16. Doa Untukmu Download
  17. Hantu Download
  18. Kasih Dan Cinta Download
  19. Kau Tetap Kumiliki Download
  20. Ku Telah Berdua Download
  21. Keliling Dunia Download
  22. Aldila Ciptaan Dunia Download
  23. Babe Genit Download
  24. Cinta Setia Download
  25. Ci Putri Download
  26. Dikibulin Download
  27. Mawar Melati Download
  28. Minggu Lalu Download
  29. Pulau Kayangan Download
  30. Raja Muda Download
  31. Rumahku Download
  32. Sesal Diri Download
  33. Suratmu Kubalas Download
  34. Syair Lagumu Download
  35. Tepuk Tangan Download
  36. Telepon Download
  37. Tirtonadi Download
  38. Untuk PYM Presiden Sukarno Download
  39. Untukmu Download

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Indonesian Parody Musik - Padhyangan

PADHYANGAN PROJECT is a group of student two big campus in Bandung ( Universitas Padjadjaran And Parahyangan). They have eksis in Bandung, specification of them is songs parody or show at podium by cabaret parody. Have time to fill event remain to at Radio OZ Bandung, until then they get opportunity for realized this album. Padhyangan Project have a lot of personel, but for this album project, filling [is] personel ' board for' alias those who have been recognized wide that is IYANG DHARMAWAN, DENNY CHANDRA, DENDEN HERMAN, ISZUR MUCHTAR, DAAN ARYA, WAWAN HANURA And JOEHANA. As According To ' membership' they have parody, hence this album also contain famous songs which is parodied. And it's result really the outstanding success. Song of NASIB ANAK KOST which the parody version from song of THAT'S THE WAY LOVE GOES have JANET JACKSON become big hits. And itis true, since all song have familiar, added by a lyric barrel of fun, making this album also sweet in demand marketing. Then, member of This Padhyangan project secede from Padhyangan Project and form P PROJECT, whereas lini second Padhyangan Project form PROJECT POP, whereas personel other then form PADHYANGAN 6 which also realise similar album.

Songs List :
  1. Nasib Anak Kost Download
  2. Goodbye Ayu Download
  3. Waktu Istirahat Download
  4. Kalau Sempet Download
  5. Cantik Tapi Bau Download
  6. Kambing Liar Download
  7. 'Tuk Ibu Download
  8. Disikut Download
  9. Bapakmu Download
  10. Jeep Pak Camat Download

Dangdut Parody Music - PSP

PSP stands for Pancaran Sinar Petromax, a comedy dangdut music group who were really famous back in the end of 70’s and 80’s. Unlike other dangdut singer or band, PSP were actually coming from university student environment. Most of them were the student of University of Indonesia in Jakarta, the best university in Indonesia.

Monos, Dindin, James, Rojali, and friends, used the formula that’s not really common back then. They changed the atmosphere of dangdut music which is usually full of tears and cheesy love songs to be more comedy. Sometimes they include some social critics in their lyrics as well. They were getting famous because their songs were mostly easy listening, funny, and at the same time could portray the real life of low class society.

To bring the memory back, you can find the links of some PSP songs here. Enjoy !

Songs List :

  1. Gaya Mahasiswa Download
  2. Fatimeh Download
  3. For Euis Download
  4. Kidung Download
  5. Bapak Dapat Lotere Download
  6. Balada John Lenon Download
  7. Cubit-Cubitan Download
  8. My Bonie Download
  9. Ogah Ah Download
  10. Dendang PSP Download
  11. Murid Bajingan Download
  12. Pengalaman Pertama Download
  13. Bye Bye Bye Love Download
  14. Istilah Salome Download
  15. Hey Jude Medley Download
  16. Penglaris Download
  17. Can't Buy Love Me Download
  18. Nostalgia Duta Merlin Download
  19. Kau Bosan Download
  20. Trio Kodok Download
  21. Dukun dan Dokter Download
  22. Midley Hindun Download
  23. Drakula Download

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Degung Sunda Instrument

When we listen Instrumen degung sunda moment eat in the middle of rice field(sawah) made us peacefulness. Yes, degung Sunda Instrument is have nice sound composition between gamelan and suling and made us happy and peacefull.

Songs List ( Some Songs I don't know the tittle :) ):
  1. Degung 1 Download
  2. Degung 2 Download
  3. Degung 3 Download
  4. Degung 4 Download
  5. Degung 5 Download
  6. Degung 6 Download
  7. Degung 7 Download
  8. Arum Bandung Download
  9. Karatagan Pahlawan Download
  10. Pajajaran Catrik Download
  11. Kulawu Download
  12. Degung Panggung Download
  13. Padayungan Download
  14. Kidang Mas Download
  15. Bima Mobos Download
  16. Galatik Mangut Download
  17. Ladrak Download
  18. Mangari Download
  19. Maya Selas Gaya Download
  20. Lutung Bingung Download
  21. Palsiun Bungur Download
  22. Lalayaran Download
  23. Genye Download
  24. Paturay Download
  25. Sangkurutu Download
  26. Ayun Ambing Download
  27. Paksi Tuwung Rancag Download
  28. Duda Download
  29. Walang Sunsang Download
  30. Karang Ulung Crirebon Download
  31. Lambang Download
  32. Manintin Download

Monday, March 23, 2009

Indonesian Lady Rocker - Nicky Astria

In 80's until 90's the famous lady Rocker Indonesia is Nicky Astria. She have especially have high character voice. Many albums that is created. Just download and enjoy it !

Songs List :
  1. Asmaraku Asmaramu Download
  2. Belenggu Download
  3. Bersamamu Download
  4. Biar Semua Hilang Download
  5. Bidadari (Lagu Cinta) Download
  6. Bias Sinar Download
  7. Bulan Berenda Biru Download
  8. Caplang Download
  9. Cinta di Kota Tua Download
  10. Dunia Cinta Download
  11. Gairah Jiwa Download
  12. Gelanggang Waktu Download
  13. Gelombang Kehidupan Download
  14. Gersang Download
  15. Jalan Panjang Download
  16. Jangan Ada Angkara Download
  17. Jangan Ada Luka Download
  18. Jarum Neraka Download
  19. Jatuh Lagi Download
  20. Jerit Anak Manusia Download
  21. Karena Ketulusan Download
  22. Katakan Cinta Download
  23. Kau Download
  24. Ketika Rinduku Download
  25. Ku Meminta Download
  26. Kupeluk Sepi Download
  27. Laba-Laba Hitam Download
  28. Lentera Cinta Download
  29. Lidah Halilintar Download
  30. Lingkar Waktu Download
  31. Mata Lelaki Download
  32. Mengapa Download
  33. Matahari dan Rembulan Download
  34. Misteri Cinta Download
  35. Negeri Khayalan Download
  36. Nyanyian Laut Download
  37. Panggung Sandiwara Download
  38. Permata Biru Download
  39. Pijar Download
  40. Problema Download
  41. Rayuan Srigala Download
  42. Rotasi Download
  43. Rumah Kaca Download
  44. Samar Bayangan Download
  45. Satu Hati Download
  46. Semakin Hangat Download
  47. Semakin Rindu Download
  48. Sendiri Download
  49. Sirna Download
  50. Suka Download
  51. Tangan-Tangan Setan Download
  52. Terindah Download
  53. Teruntuk Yang Jauh Download
  54. Tertipu Lagi Download
  55. Topeng Tak Bernyawa Download
  56. Tujuh Kali Berdering Download
  57. Uang Download
  58. Untuk Apa Download
  59. Yang Terakhir Download

Friday, March 20, 2009

Indonesian Dangdut Parody - PMR

This very funny Parody Music in 80's era, PMR (Pengantar Minum Racun) have 2 albums, Many Songs from this group is parody from famous songs in this era. As vocal is Johny Iskandar

Songs List :
  1. Judul-Judulan Download
  2. Jamilah Download
  3. Boneka India Download
  4. Bintangku Bintangmu Download
  5. Gubuk Derita Download
  6. Istilah Cinta Download
  7. Antara Cinta dan Dusta Download
  8. Duit-Duitan Download
  9. Cemburu Buta Download
  10. Pergi Tanpa Pesan Download
  11. Katanya Download
  12. Kue Sera-Sera Download

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Koes Plus - Javanesse

Koes Plus have many albums, like dangdut, pop, rock. In my new upload is in Javanesse version with compilation music dangdut or Pop, Enjoy it !!

Songs List :
  1. Bunder-Bunder Download
  2. Tul Jaenak Download
  3. Ojo Nelongso Download
  4. E O E Download
  5. Ojo Gelo Download
  6. Ela-Elo Download
  7. Sayur Asem Download
  8. Tunggak Jati Download
  9. Jambu Opo Jeruk Download
  10. Pring Gading Download
  11. Omah Gubuk Download
  12. Ojo Ngono Download
  13. Pak Tani Download
  14. Pak Guru Download
  15. Atiku Gelo Download
  16. Kripik Tempe Download
  17. Koyo Ngene Rasane Download
  18. Pokoke Olo Download
  19. Rondo Katut Download
  20. Wong Urip Download
  21. Dawuhe Wong Tuwo Download
  22. Sak Ukuran Download
  23. Sarinah Download
  24. Surak-Surak Hore Download
  25. Kolang-Kaling Download
  26. Ora Bisa Turu Download
  27. Nuswantara Download
  28. E E E Download
  29. Katresnan Download
  30. Kembang Enceng-Enceng Download

Ethnic Music & Songs - Waljinah

Again the legend of ethnic music like langgam jawa, keroncong or Pop Jawa, Waljinah (popular as Singer "Walang Kekek") have many album was most famous especially by javaness people (east java or middle java)

Songs List :
  1. Ande-Ande Lumut Download
  2. Eman-Eman Download
  3. Jangkrik Genggong Download
  4. Lelo-Ledung Download
  5. Keroncong Blitar Download
  6. Kecik-Kecik Download
  7. Mawar Biru Download
  8. Loro Bronto Download
  9. Ojo Lamis Download
  10. Walang Kekek Download
  11. Yen Ing Tawang Ono Lintang Download
  12. Kr. Tukang Perahu Download
  13. Wedang Ronde Download

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Koes Plus - Melayu (Dangdut Music version)

One Of Legend Music Indonesia Koes Plus have many kind version music, Rock, Pop, Dangdut. Untill now Koes Plus is still legend Music Of Indonesia.

Songs List :
  1. Janganlah Jangan Download
  2. Mengapa Download
  3. Cubit-cubitan Download
  4. Siapa Bilang Download
  5. Mak Engket Download
  6. Rajawali Download
  7. Mari Berjoget 1 Download
  8. Jangan Bersedih Download
  9. Kasih Mesra Download
  10. Jakarta Download
  11. Indahnya Matahari Pagi Download
  12. Jangan Iri Hati Download
  13. Dunia Download
  14. Tua Muda Download
  15. Ku Tak Sangka Download
  16. Mari Berjoget 2 Download
  17. Digoyang - Goyang Download
  18. Jiwa Raga Download
  19. Oh Adikku Download
  20. Jangan Kau Kira Download
  21. Tuhan Download
  22. Cinta Mulia Download
  23. Jangan Putus Asa Download
  24. Jangan Cemburu Download
  25. Matahari Download
  26. Rindu Download
  27. Kau Kembali Download
  28. Kampret Download
  29. Ku Menanti Download
  30. Shakila Download